Wikipedia releases information on most edited pages for the year 2016

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Since it started in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to become more than a free encyclopedia. The site has been ranked among the world’s leading nonprofit websites. Wikipedia provides information about subjects and gives them legitimacy. The site boasts of more than 5 million articles written in English. It has an active community that consists of 100,000 active contributors. The site also receives a massive 500 million unique visitors every month. However, Wikipedia has concerns about inaccuracies of its entries. It has risen above these issues to provide accurate news, background information, and history.

The company released its most edited articles as it celebrated its 15th anniversary. The page that received the most edits was that of 2016 Deaths. The page was edited close to 19,000 times in the year 2016. It featured deaths of prominent people such as Muhammad Ali, Janet Reno, and David Bowie. Donald Trump’s entry was received 8,933 on the date of December 21. The company expects that the page will receive additional edits in the coming years. According to history, presidential pages have always received thousands of edits in the years of service. George W. Bush alone has received close to 50,000 revisions.

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The Influence of Bernardo Chua

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For an individual that is an influential person within the industry of multilevel marketing, Bernardo Chua is one of the top individuals within this industry not only due to his innovative mind, but also due to his ability to create jobs for others around the world and to educate people on the importance of healthy living as well as the many cost benefits that are associated with this choice.

Bernardo Chua is the proud owner as well as the proud co-founder of Organo Gold, a company that specializes in health related items that are meant to relax the mind and the body to make one feel healthy and focused for the day or the night to come. One of the biggest selling items within Organo Gold is the coffee as well as the tea which is delicious as well as cost-effective for individuals around the world that are on a tight budget.

Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold in 2008 as a multilevel marketing company that was geared to educated individuals about not only the importance of living a healthy live, but also on the methods in order to do so. Coffee has always been a favorite for Mr. Chua.

With this in mind, Mr. Chua wanted to create a product that would not only taste great for the customer, but would also make them feel great. As a result, Chua concocted an instant coffee option that is easy to make for individuals who are constantly on the go and an option that is completely satisfying to the mind and to the stomach.

The secret to the delicious products that Organo Gold has created is the use of an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma, an herb that has been used to cure a series of mild ailments.

In present day, scientists have even concluded that Ganoderma can be used to improve the sleeping cycle, reduce stress, as well as encourage weight loss. Organo Gold is a company that is rapidly growing all over the world and has become the number one choice due to not only the taste, but also due to the health benefits.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Growing Global Brand

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Doe Deere is Lime Crime Cosmetics founder and the primary moving force behind the innovative and rapidly growing new brand. She inspires respect and uplifts and motivates her staff to succeed through the use of positive reinforcement. That has helped the entire company to attain its goal of proving cosmetics can be used as a form of creative self-expression and to encourage give people the tools and the freedom to use their make-up to make a bold fashion statement. Lime Crime allows people to do what feel right to them right now without having to feel self-conscious.


Born in Russia, Doe Deere and her family moved to New York City when she was a child. Inspired by women she had heard and read about, Deere always wanted to own her own company. In 2008 after trying her hand at careers in fashion and music, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime Cosmetics. She got the idea to make and market the unique line of magical, colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics from the visitors to her online fashion tutorial. The result is a wonderful line of intensely pigmented, bold, vibrant, long-lasting easy-to-use cosmetics made with vegan ingredients and never tested on animals.


Lime Crime offers eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, rouge and nail polishes that are so vivid and bright they almost glow in the dark. The company started small using only internet marketing and has been a runaway success. Deere sees her success as a victory for all women and encourages other female business owners and entrepreneurs to find their niche and go after their dream. She also makes time to mentor aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to connect with her on Instagram or speak with her at one of her many worldwide speaking engagements.


Lime Crime is a labor of love for Doe Deere. Her days are chock full of meetings about products and strategy that help keep the entire Lime Crime team on the same page and enables them to act swiftly and decisively. Doe Deere is a marketing genius and has used her e-commerce website to devise many innovative ways to market the company’s products and silence those critics who said make-up can’t be sold online.


Lime Crime has created a great interactive shopping experience. One that has consistently improved as the company gets to know their customers better. Doe Deere’s biggest regret is that she didn’t start the company sooner.

Learn more:

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Ignition Financial Sets The Pace

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Having your automobile note refinanced is not something many lenders are too excited about, but Ignition Financial of Austin, Texas has proven that such a transaction is not only feasible but very appropriate.


Many folks don’t always make the best financial decision when purchasing their cars or trucks and they wind up paying too much for their vehicles. In an era when our vehicles cost as much as houses use to cost, that can amount to a very significant part of anyone’s budget.


Typically, many people make their decision regarding whether or not to purchase a particular vehicle based on the amount of the monthly payments. If the payments fit the budget at the time, then they go ahead with the deal. Compounding the problem sometimes is the fact that it always seems to be more convenient to handle the financing arrangements at the dealer, as opposed to making those arrangements at the local credit union or bank.


It always pays to shop around, and that is what Ignition Financial is bringing to light. More and more people are telling Ignition to “slash my payments” once they learn what Ignition can do for them.


Most of the money that is used for auto financing comes from huge banking and lending institutions who specialize in dealer financing for their vehicles. The competition for who gets the dealer’s business is very intense, so the dealers are offered various incentives so the lenders can win the business.


The lender will set a “floor rate” of interest, which becomes a base rate. Then the dealer is offered an additional 2% to 4% to sweeten the deal. The dealer cashes in at closing time and everyone is taken care of, except possibly the customer. His or her interest rate is not always the best in the local marketplace, and over time the payments are prohibitive in many instances.


Ignition Financial offers a free estimate so consumers can see for themselves how much savings they can experience by refinancing their car note. Since many of these financing arrangements are financing higher priced vehicles, the savings can be very significant in the family budget.


Don’t hesitate to call Ignition Financial today, and learn how much can be saved. You will undoubtedly be happy with the results. It doesn’t take any time at all, and most people are able to use the savings for all kinds of purposes and family needs.


Davos Real Estate Group Launches the Davos Cap Calculator

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David Osio is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Davos Financial Group. He is a professional expert in the financial service industry and business management. His career began at OPED Enterprise, and he later moved to Letco Commercial Companies. Osio’s understanding of the financial market has allowed him to hold a management position in Private Banking division of Banco Latino International and Commercial Banking. He also served as the Vice President of Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. His business and leadership skills aided the establishment of the Davos Financial Group in 1993. Since its inception, Osio has facilitated the company’s income growth and geographical expansion in the global market.


Osio graduated with a Law degree from Catholic University Andres Bello with additional courses in Banking and Finance. He also studied portfolio management at the New York Institute of Finance. He is a higher degree holder from the IESA. Osio is well known in the Venezuelan and global financial market having received recognition for his expertise in banking, financial advising, and financial law.


Davos Real Estate Group is one of the independent companies that forms the Davos Financial Group. The company deals with tailoring affordable and quality financial services that fit the needs of the clients. As part of its development, the company announced the introduction of a mobile application “Davos Cap Calculator.” The technology is designed to assist its users in estimating the return on real estate investments after the expenses associated have been considered. Clients can quickly identify a series of properties that they are interested in and forward historical reports to their agents. The system is very interactive and allows customer-agent communication. Users will also have the ability to estimate their mortgage, interest rate, and projected funding period using a mortgage calculator.


The inception of the technology was an idea coined by the Director of the company, Gerard Gonzales. He saw the need to assist the clients to have a better understanding of their investments. Mr. Gonzales initialized the idea where prospective investors could look at current prices in the real estate market before they could make their decision. Investors are now able to make informed decisions. The design and creation of the application have been made possible through the help of Technolution Company. The application will be available for both iPhone and Android service users.


George Soros and Other Democratic Donors Meet to Decide on Strategy

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Within a week of Donald Trump’s election as the next President of the United States, George Soros and other wealthy members of the Democracy Alliance met behind closed doors to decide on what to do next, according to Politico.

Soros is a wealthy billionaire hedge fund trader who now dedicates most of his time and attention to using his money to move the world toward his vision of an open society on Born a Jew in Hungary before World War II, he experienced persecution from local fascists and the threat of the Holocaust from Nazi invaders. His family managed to survive by disguising their identity. After the war, however, he suffered from oppression under the Soviet-backed Communist government. He managed to escape Hungary and make his way to England when when he was seventeen. Later he went to work on Wall Street, then founded the most successful hedge fund in history.

The Democracy Alliance is a group of wealthy political donors to Democratic Party electoral candidates and liberal causes. Soros and a few others including Peter Lewis the founded it in 2005 in the wake of John Kerry’s loss to George W. Bush in 2004. Soros heavily backed Kerry in that election. They wanted to set up liberal groups and think tanks outside the structure of the Democratic Party so they could move the party in more liberal directions. They also wanted to protect Democratic Party politicians and policies aligned with them from attack by conservatives at

The DA now has over 100 members. They include not only Soros, but Tom Steyer, Donald Sussman and many large unions and foundations. They must pay $30,000 a year as a membership fee to fund the organization’s staff, meetings and activities. And they must donate at least $200,000 to groups backed by DA. Since 2005, the DA has contributed over $500 million to politically leftwing groups such as Media Matters, the Center for American Progress and Catalist.

The closed-door sessions at Washington D.C.’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel attract many liberal Democratics. They include Nancy Pelosi the House leader, Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) co-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Ellison is one of the top candidates to head the Democratic National Committee.

However, some are questioning the DA’s purpose and place in the Democratic Party and progressive causes. With so much money to contribute, they have deeply influenced the direction of the Democratic Party over the last decade, including support for Hillary Clinton. Before the meeting, Ellison argued on a SiX conference call that the party needed to train officials in more states. SiX is the State Innovation Exchange, a group backed by DA.

The DA’s president, Gara LaMarche, said at the welcome dinner they needed to reassess. They lost an election they should have won, and that indicates they made some big mistakes.

When the DA scheduled the meeting, their original agenda included items on how to push their policies within the President Clinton administration. After the election, they had to revise their agenda to one on how to fight back against President Trump.

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Talk Fusion’s Free Video Marketing Trials Give Businesses a Taste of the Product’s Goodness

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Talk Fusion, a leading video communication solutions provider, launched a 30-day free trial for its new video marketing product in April 2016. Businesses all over the world were given a chance to try the new video marketing solution for 30 days at absolutely no cost.The team at Talk Fusion is excited about the chance to give prospective customers a full understanding of how the product works and make them see the advantages it has over other conventional marketing methods. Talk Fusion has a fully-equipped virtual library which has a lot of resources that are designed to guide businesses on how to use the new video marketing product. The library can be accessed by all who have signed up for the 30-day free trial.


Mr. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is very confident in the company’s products and believes that they offer their clients good value for their money. He said that from past experience, customers always want to purchase their video marketing products once they try them. The company recently revamped its website,, to give its visitors an easier time and a wonderful user experience when they visit the website to purchase their products or just to read up on their services and any other information.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 and makes broadcasting, social networking and video conferencing products to help businesses in their marketing efforts and help them grow.The company produces high-quality products that are sure to meet the marketing needs of most businesses regardless of the industries they operate in. Talk Fusion’s products are available in over 140 countries. The company cares about its community and therefore takes part in many community programs to help the less fortunate and impact as many lives as possible through these programs.


Bottom Line


Talk Fusion’s new video marketing product is bound to completely change how things work in the marketing industry. It is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among businesses since many businesses had a taste of it during the 30-day free trial. Most businesses were greatly impressed by the product as is evident from their reviews of the video marketing product.


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Plan the Perfect Event with Twenty-Three

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Your boss has just tasked you with planning and organizing a community event for the company. This is a new assignment and you are not sure where or how to start. The easy way to get started is to ask Who, What, Where, When and Why. Develop a checklist of the things your boss wants to include. Keep good notes and start to feel comfortable with the idea. Think about events you have attended and try to recall the positives and negatives. You may need expert advice and there is a resource you can turn to called the balance and their article entitled “15 steps to Hiring an Event Planner” at Take the time to review the article and it will provide some valuable and key advice.


Get started as soon as possible in your search for an event planner. Some Planners may specialize in the type of events they manage or organize so look for someone with the experience and background tailored to your needs. Get references from past clients and check their reputations and Facebook pages for comments and recent event activity.


Event planning companies in NYC for example have a knowledge and grasp of the best places, times and methods to plan a variety of events. They know which venues, restaurants or even public areas will be the best fit for events and get yours noticed and well attended. Communication and frequent contact is imperative. You need to know exactly what your event planner is doing, planning and thinking and make sure that fits with your company’s goals.


One of the premier event planners in NYC is Twenty-Three Layers located at 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014. They have a rich history and excellent reputation and their many clients include such notables as Jaguar, RueLaLa, Prudential, David Lynch Foundation and Spotify to name a few. You can see even more on their webpage at / . You will also be able to browse through their gallery, services and read testimonials from customers. They have been featured in ‘Style Me Pretty’ in 2016, TimeOut New York, Elle Decor and New York, The Cut.


Now that you have a starting point, get organized and find your perfect event planner. Visit the Twenty-Three Layers website today and contact them to get started. Here it is again –


Have a wonderful time planning and attending your special event.

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More Than Makeup Tips: What You Can Learn from Doe Deere

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Have you ever imagined the face of a company and wondered to yourself what more they have to offer? Most recognize Doe Deere of Lime Crime as being immensely colorful, bold, and unapologetically herself, but few understand what else she brings to the table in both her personal life and her business.

Ambition Is Not Everything

Usually, business owners have always demonstrated a fierce soul intent on achieving their goals. From miscellaneous to-do lists to five or ten year plans, successful people have usually planned their entire lives around that victory. Doe Deere, however, never claimed to want to own a business. Though she did sell temporary tattoos as a child in her Russian home, her business goals never went deeper than that. A strong imagination existed within the woman, of course, but music was her true passion. So, what can you learn from this? The fact that you do not need to have a plan nor necessarily any goals to end up where you were always meant to be.

Use Previous Experience to Fuel Your Current Affairs

Upon moving to the United States, Deere pursued music in a band where she met her husband. From this brief musical career, the Queen of Unicorns learned how to market her events and to highlight the offerings of her band over anyone else’s. Additionally, the cosmetic genius learned to appreciate her fans, a prowess that is the main reason why her makeup line stands out the most.

Love Yourself and What You Do

For too long, Deere felt alone in her life. Even as a child, she was different from other people and being unable to express herself throughout her life lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and general hopelessness. As a result and after the spark of her successful company, Deere realized that the very traits that made her different made her part of the universe. With a belief that everybody has something special about themselves, the beauty urges her followers to use those unique traits to express themselves and to go where they love. Following your heart is fundamental in this often saddening world, so never forget what happiness truly means.


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Tyrants And Dictators Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

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Thor Halvorssen is a name well known throughout the human rights activism community for his role in freeing various political prisoners, and raising awareness of the role dictators such as Russian President Vladimir Putin have in the loss of human rights seen around the world.

The Venezuelan film producer and activist has looked to raise awareness of human rights abuses in countries around the world, regardless of the political leaning of their ruling government; socialist leaning governments, such as those of Venezuela and Cuba have been discussed by Halvorssen, but remain ignored by activists who share their political values. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Forbes

Thor Halvorssen has described himself as a classical liberal in his political viewpoint, particularly after the man of Norwegian descent bought and operated a socialist newspaper in the Scandinavian country in the early 21st century.

Despite his strong liberal leanings the political viewpoint of those he works with does not play a role in the decision making of Halvorssen, who has also appeared on more conservative leaning news media, such as the Fox Business Channel.

Halvorssen does not limit himself to the operation of the Human Rights Foundation and the impressive Oslo Freedom Forum, but instead looks to make sure the next generation of political activists are nurtured through charitable groups like the Children’s Peace Movement. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The Children’s Peace Movement allows young people in northern and southern Europe to interact with young people living in areas of conflict to allow a greater understanding of human rights issues across the planet.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen in his role as a problem for tyrants around the world is his position on the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin; not only has Halvorssen supported political activists Pussy Riot during their imprisonment in Russia, but also appointed well known Putin opponent Gary Kasparov to the position of President of the Human Rights Foundation.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen admits to using the mainstream media in the 21st century to publicize the causes he feels are important and looks to bring human rights awareness to the public through various media outlets.

Thor Halvorssen