Chris Burch Made the Switch from Fashion to Resort Lifestyle

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For years, Chris Burch and his wife were behind the Tory Burch brand. He had a lot of tiem and effort invested in the fashion industry and that’s what gave him the ability to try and help other people when he finally made the switch to the resort industry. For Chris Burch, this was a big part of what he could do to help others and he knew that would just be one way to continue the legacy he had started when he started Tory Burch. There were many changes that he had to make, but he was prepared for the switch when it happened because he had planned for it for years.  Check additional article on

When Chris Burch decided he was going to get into the resort industry, he felt it would be a way for him to make a difference and show people what they could get from different situations. While the fashion industry was a great way for Chris Burch to help individuals, he wanted to do something that would actually make a difference for other people. All of it went back to how Chris Burch felt about others and how he could make sure he was doing the best job possible.

For Chris Burch, the point of making things better in the resort industry was to give them everything they were looking for. Chris Burch liked to make the resort the best it could be and he wanted everyone to know there would be a chance he could help them through different opportunities they could use while they were at the resort. By always providing luxury options, the resort was the best it could be. Chris Burch made things easier on people and made sure he was giving them what they were looking for on their own. It allowed him the chance to give the community what they were looking for.  For more of his entrepreneurial views, hit on

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Since Chris Burch always knew what to do, he was confident in the abilities he had. He had remained confident throughout the time he was building up Nihi. The resort was recently voted the best and Chris Burch was able to take home an award. Click on to read more about the resort.   Not only was this good for someone who had just built the resort but also for someone who had never been in the industry before. Chris Burch knew he had done things right and the resort was the best it could be thanks to him.  Hop over to to know his latest cool offering to the market.

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Chris Burch’s $30 Million Project Becomes The ‘World’s Best Hotel

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Chris Burch is one of the world’s top business startup investors and is now a hospitality mogul. That’s because 4 years ago he invested $30 million in a remote Indonesian island vacation place known as Nihiwatu Resort, and it’s become the “World’s Best Hote” according to Travel & Liesure in such as short time. One trip to this remote island and you’ll see a wonder world filled with traditional style villas and restaurants right next to the clear blue ocean, and some of the best spas you can relax at. Burch fell in love with the island as well and has his own home there that he stays in some of the year.  Read more about the island resort, check

Chris Burch likes finding people whose ideas can shake the retail industry as well as the energy and biotech sectors. He turns those ideas and dreams into working business through his venture capital and incubator company Burch Creative Capital. This company also serves as the financial holder of Nihiwatu Resort and several other residential and commercial properties that Burch owns. But Burch actually didn’t start in real estate with his career.  To read an entrepreneur’s views, check

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Chris Burch began his career buying and selling sweaters and turning profits on them. He would buy these custom-made sweaters at a factory and then travel around campus and the local neighborhood selling them to people. It was such a successful gig that Burch started using the profits he made to buy retail stores and factories, and by the mid-1980s his gig had become Eagle Eye Apparel, an outfitting company that sold both mens and women’s items.  More to read on   Burch sold that company later but also invested with the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners. He also was a founder and partial owner of the Tory Burch fashion brand for a few years, then later a partner with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in her brand.  For an additional article, hop over to

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Sentient AI Building Futuristic E-Commerce Recommendation Engine for the Online Retail Industry

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People these days are hardly going to their local stores to buy anything as most of the shopping is done online. The e-commerce companies are providing so many facilities these days that it has become difficult for the customers to ignore the benefits and stick to their local shops. Starting from discounts to doorstep delivery, the e-commerce sites are doing everything they possibly can to enhance the customer experience and make them stick to the online shopping habit. Just about everything is available online and as the e-commerce technology continues to get advanced, one can be sure that the majority of the customers would choose to shop online in the very near future, if not already.

One of the major contributors to this massive shift that is happening in the customers’ preferences towards online shopping is the massive use of advanced technology. The e-commerce websites have become real life-like representation of shopping at a brick and mortar stores, and the technology substitutes the salesman. The sorting filters available at the website at various touch points help the consumers to find what they are looking for without having to make too much effort. The artificial intelligence technology offered by companies like Sentient AI works flawlessly in calculating the buyers’ intent as well as customers’ preferences to showcase the products that are matching the customers’ requirements. It personalizes the entire customer experience with the help of e-commerce recommendation engine. Visit to know more about Sentient.

Just like a salesperson would recommend you the products that may be liked by you, the websites have e-commerce recommendation engine powered by the artificial intelligence technology. The customers can use the various filter options available at the site to find what they are looking for. It helps in improving the customers’ experience and also ensures that they keep coming back. More seamless the knowledge of the customer, better it is for the e-commerce companies. It is what would help in the long-term shift the mood of the consumers towards the e-commerce industry.

One of the significant benefits of the e-commerce recommendation engine provided by Sentient AI is that it makes it easier for the consumers to find what they are looking for from the thousands of products in the inventory. Also, the recommendation engine provides a list of recommended products that helps in adding variety to the selection of options available. All these features eventually help the customers to land on the product that best suits their needs and budget.

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Get To Know Chris Burch And The Best Hotel In The World

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Chris Burch is known as a fashion mogul and a very successful entrepreneur and businessman in a series of businesses, but he is also a hotelier, and he develops other ideas in various industries of different ranges.

The current hotel created by the entrepreneur, according to, is Nihi Sumba Island and has been voted by this leading website as the best resort in the world for two years in a row now. This luxurious island resort located in Indonesia also beats the Brando where Barrack Obama stayed in his most recent vacation.  For more reading about this luxurious island resort, click on this.

Nihi is the creation of Chris Burch in partnership with his co-workerJames McBride. They invested millions and millions when they saw the potential in a beach hostel located in Sumba Island in Indonesia and of course its location. They used their first $30 million funding for investment to renovate the beach hotel and turn it into one of the most successful resorts of five stars which they opened in 2015. In a recent interview in the same year that he opened his five-star resort, Nihi, he described it as a legacy project for him where it can be used by his children and also be used as a way to contribute.  Check for a relevant recent interview of him.

Chris Burch’s business ventures range from apparel, accessories, home decor, real state, interior and a lot of other investments. In 2014 Chris Burch was named as one of the richest Americans as reported by Forbes Magazine.  Refer to for a related article.

With his brother, in the nineties, Chris Burch started his entry into the world of entrepreneurship as a young college student investing in apparel with a $2,000 investment creating Eagle’s Eye Apparel. And now he is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Chris is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand, making him one of the fashion industry’s biggest mogul. Chris Burch has always believed and used the power of branding, and through this business belief, he has achieved greatness in the business world.

Currently, the most successful part of the career of Chris Burch is located in the real estate industry, and Burch has made sure to always dedicate himself the most to what he is attached to. Currently, the real estate career of the entrepreneur has resulted in the creation of one of the most successful hotels in the world, and, just for being ranked as the best resort in the world twice in a row, Chris Burch has shown the world that he understands business skills in any business that he tackles.  Additional article on

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Nihi Sumba Island-Best Hotel in the World

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Where is the number one rated hotel in the world? Visitors who wish to reserve time there will need to go to Indonesia and find an island called Sumba. The Nihi Resort on this island has been named twice as the best hotel in the world. Visitors will find a scenic getaway complete with 27 rentals, including two amazing treehouse villas. Each villa is appointed with the finest teak wood and natural stones from the island. There is one private resident, owned by Chris Burch that is comprised of one large villa and four adjoining ones. This luxurious home can be rented for $14,000 per night.

Chris Burch, an American entrepreneur, and businessman bought a run-down resort in 2012. Along with his partner, James McBride-Burch spent $3 million dollars to create the now beautiful Nihi Resort. Burch says that he wanted to bring modernity to the island without tainting the natural and wildness of the surrounding island. The result was a 5-star hotel that reopened in 2015. For more of his views on business related matters, check on

Guests to the resort can relax in their individual villas and easily appreciate the untouched beauty of the beaches and other areas. The surfing at Nihi has always been known as one of the world’s best. The resort provides surfing lessons for individuals or groups. Visitors to Nihi can also explore the nearby waterfalls by jeep or boat, with guided tours. Horseback riding is also available along the beaches or inland for guests. The resort is known for its motto of a butler for every room and spas under waterfalls. There is also a Wellness Center onsite that does yoga lessons for groups or individuals. If you really want to pamper yourself, you can have a complete spa treatment done in the privacy of your own villa.  For more of its awesome features, click on

Chris Burch takes great pride in giving back to the community. His resort is the primary employer on the island, giving residents a chance to enhance their quality of living. A portion of Nihi Resort’s profits is also donated to the Sumba Foundation, known for its assistance to locals. Burch explains that he bought the resort as a way to preserve something beautiful for his children. He believes the unique beauty of the island allows him to create a unique experience for visitors.   Know his new and follow on investments, browse on this.

Burch, known for creating such brands as Tory Burch and C. Wonder has used his expertise in fashion, real estate and hotels to create a solid reputation. He travels between Miami, the Hamptons, and his island resort when he isn’t away doing business and charity work.  Related article on

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Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims To Survive

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No person ever wants to experience a hurricane. These devastating water born storms have the ability to wipe out whole entire communities and in some cases they can destroy a region. When Hurricane Harvey struck the city of Houston and the surrounding communities, it wreaked a lot of havoc in this area.

Homes were demolished, businesses were flooded and people lost their lives. The storm cost $200 billion dollars in damages and thousands of people were displaced. Hurricane Harvey started on August 27 and it lasted for four days. Ultimately, the city was flooded with 3-feet of water and the devastation was far and wide.

According to, Nabors Industries is an energy company that procures natural resources for the oil and gas industries. This organization is headed by Anthony G. Petrello. After Hurricane Harvey struck the city of Houston, Petrello rose to the occasion and used his company to help with the relief effort.


Nabors Industries has a location within the city of Houston. After the storm took place, Petrello being the CEO of Nabors Industries, organized his staff and sent them to aid people all over the city. He temporarily suspended his operations and paid employees to find and rescue people. He also had portable kitchens set up within relief areas to make hot meals throughout the day and night for people in need.

He even created the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund which was used to help bring financial aid to Harvey storm victims. Petrello’s efforts helped to save lives and it also revealed the character of this organization. Mr. Petrello has always been a philanthropic person. His wife and he have given a lot of money over the years to organizations in need. He genuinely wants to help people who are less fortunate than him. He also realizes the importance of helping people when they have been knocked down in life.

Nabors Industries made it a point to get involved in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. They could not sit idly by and watch their fellow Houstonians suffer in a bad situation. Nabors Industries is a community minded organization that wants to do more for people than just make a profit. They truly want people to be cared for and okay. This organization and the assistance they provided was well received by the people of Houston.

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How Chris Burch Created The Best Resort In The World

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There’s a remote Indonesian island called Sumba. It has a population around 760,000 people and is a great travel destination due to beautiful scenery, warm waters, and a relaxing yet fun atmosphere. A few decades ago a couple from America came to the island and built a resort. Along with James McBride, a hotelier, the serial entrepreneur Chris Burch bought the resort in 2012. They spent about $30 million completely renovating and modernizing the resort while also adding onto it. The result is a five-star resort that has been called the best hotel in the world by the travel magazine Travel + Leisure. The resort is called Nihiwatu and it has become a luxury destination for world travelers seeking a unique experience.  Check this link on for more of the resort.

Chris Burch said in an interview that due to where the resort is at is was possible to do things that couldn’t be done anywhere else.  To read more of his views, check this.   The resort, for example, located a spa underneath a waterfall on the property. As it is a luxury resort, and to help out the Islanders, he said that he could hire a butler for every room in Nihiwatu. It consists of 27 villas and one of them, named Raja Mendaka, is the one that Chris Burch himself stays at when he’s on the island as his private home.

In addition to owning hotels, Chris Burch has his hands in other industries. The one that is his claim to fame is the fashion industry. He started in this industry when he was still in college. Over the course of his career, he has either started himself companies in this industry or has invested in others that were startups. Altogether he has been heavily involved in starting over 50 companies.

In addition to hotels and fashion, Chris Burch has been instrumental in companies in other industries as well. He was an early investor and advisor for Jawbone, for instance, which was a tech company that created wireless speakers, earpieces, and a wearable fitness tracker. He also was involved in launching Voss Water which is an artesian water that is sourced in the village of Vatnestrom, Norway.

Other industries that he has been a part of are retail, home furnishings, and organic foods. These organic food brands include Little Duck Organics, Blink Health, and Brad’s Raw Foods. Click on for a related reading.  Whatever the industry is, Chris Burch’s business knowledge, passion, and critical eye are very useful to both him and the companies he invests in.  For an additional article, hop over to

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Designer Chris Burch Envisions Top Tier Resort on Remote Island

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Chris Burch is a designer whom is also most commonly known for being a visionary. He built a 5-star resort as a fashion mogul, and did so on a remote island. Officially, this island is the best resort in the world and represents a top tier brand. He bought a beach hostel in Indonesia and transformed it into this Nihiwatu resort in 2016. He is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, with multiple brands under his belt.  Check to read more about this luxury resort.

In 2012, he bought a beach hostel an island in Indonesia and spent $30 million renovating it. This was re-opened as a 5 star hotel and resort in 2016, which was voted the best hotel in the world. The aim of the purchase was to make it into something which could be preserved for the benefit of the community.

There are a few features which make this a very unique resort: a butler for every room, a spa under a waterfall, and other places. Chris Burch frequently stays at this resort, dividing his time between the resort and his other homes in Miami and the Hamptons.

The hostel was originally owned by a New Jersey couple, and Chris Burch bought the hostel and renovated it. Following renovations, the hostel opened up as Nihiwatu, becoming the largest local employer with an additional aim of being a social enterprise to support the local community.

Included are 27 villas and additional private homes. The hotel also features a plunge pool, and a large entertaining area. Villas are two-story tree houses, and villas with antiques are among the accommodations.

Chris Burch has had a great deal of success in the design field. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and he began his business empire as a student. He started a business called Eagle’s Eye Apparel where he sold sweaters at a $5 markup on a $2000 budget. From there, he grew out his business empire by working with other driven people and creating plenty of great ideas.  Related article on

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His family was solidly middle-class, and he managed to amass a huge fortune by working hard. This isn’t Burch’s first hotel: he developed another property called the Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He renovated a condo in South Beach in 2014, and bought and sold a luxury home in Southampton, NY before purchasing the property in Bali.  To know his new and follow on investments, hit

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Chris Burch Journey to Great Achievements in Life

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Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital and has been a collection of so many businesses. He has been known for his great innovative skills and has been on the frontline trying to fight for success. He is always passionate about growth and has never given up on his mission of achieving in life. Many people love him for his dedication to make it in the career. He served on the boards of The Continuum Group, Guggenheim Capital and also Tory Burch. The word Tory also happens to have originated from his wife Tory Burch who happens to be a great fashion designer. He has been known for his passion to achieve a big time in the career and has a great company with Tory Burch known as Tory Burch LLC. She has always worked with a drive and a passion to succeed and their mission has been to venture into the dynamic industry with a great passion.

Chris Burch has been able to establish several companies and has always been committed to making them grow. He co-founded Tory Burch, Poppin, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and JawBone. He has been known making sure that he helps and partners with as many people as possible in their career. His career has been growing big time and has expanded greatly in the career that has been able to move on in the career.  To read his views on matters related to his area of focus, check

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Chris Burch’s career started to grow in 1976 when he was studying at Ithaca College. He was able to form a company together with his brother, Eagle’s Eye apparel. They invested with $2,000 and the company has been able to grow tremendously in the career. They later sold the business for $165 million to the famous Swire Group. They later went on to invest in Internet Capital Group which was known for various internet solutions.

Read something about one of his major investment, click this.

Chris Burch relied on his ability to partner with great people and has been working tirelessly to succeed in the career. He decided to fully venture into the fashion and also the technology industry. He partnered with Philippe Stark and also the Alan Faena who was a great Hotelier and they developed one of the world’s largest hotels known as Faena Hotel + Universe. He has been working towards designing the best hotels in the world and have always been motivated by that desire to succeed in his career. It has been great benefits to expand in this career.  Refer to for additional reading.

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Chris Burch Co-Founder of the New Utopia Resort: Hotel Nihiwatu

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Hotel Nihiwatu has for the second year in a row won the number one hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure readers. When tourist visit they are immersed in an environment that embodies sophistication and culture. The guest experience the perks and wonders of the hotel while simultaneously experiencing the drawbacks of native life. Living in close proximity to wildlife and a culture that trades animals rather than currency.

Chris Burch has been the hotels new co-owner since 2012. With his new investments of over $30 million dollars into the hotel, the amenities and luxuriousness have exceeded what some can even comprehend. His investments led to many different types of villas templates, haciendas, chic lodges, and the talked about three-bedroom treehouse. Surrounded by 560 acres of land and ocean, the resort captures a complex immersive blend of simplicity and infinite beauty all tied into one package.

Chris Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. As the name implies, he is also the co-founder of the iconic fashion brand Tory Burch. Branding in fashion is not his only passion. He loves branding with his almost sixth sense in tailoring a unique flavor profile to his products to embody a business and chic savviness that is unparalleled. Chris Burch has interests also in financial institutions, philanthropy, and advancement in technology.

Chris Burch’s many interests eventually drove him to diversify his portfolio. He a $2,000 dollar college investment, and created the $165 million dollar Eagle’s Eye apparel brand. He then investing a large portion of his capital into a well known IPO, Internet Capital Group. Check  After making money through his investments, he later invested in real estate at home and abroad. Ventures from Palm Beach, Florida to Alan Faena in Argentina. Related article on  This eventually led to the investment in Nihiwatu, the luxury resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba.  Read more about this luxury resort in Indonesia, click on this.

Chris Burch went from undergrad at Ithaca College, to international entrepreneur. The myriad of business ventures Chris has found success in break the myth that we should focus on one goal or career path. With the drive, skills, and knowledge, anything is possible.  Visit this website and learn more about his impressive entrepreneurial skills, hit

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