More Than Makeup Tips: What You Can Learn from Doe Deere

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Have you ever imagined the face of a company and wondered to yourself what more they have to offer? Most recognize Doe Deere of Lime Crime as being immensely colorful, bold, and unapologetically herself, but few understand what else she brings to the table in both her personal life and her business.

Ambition Is Not Everything

Usually, business owners have always demonstrated a fierce soul intent on achieving their goals. From miscellaneous to-do lists to five or ten year plans, successful people have usually planned their entire lives around that victory. Doe Deere, however, never claimed to want to own a business. Though she did sell temporary tattoos as a child in her Russian home, her business goals never went deeper than that. A strong imagination existed within the woman, of course, but music was her true passion. So, what can you learn from this? The fact that you do not need to have a plan nor necessarily any goals to end up where you were always meant to be.

Use Previous Experience to Fuel Your Current Affairs

Upon moving to the United States, Deere pursued music in a band where she met her husband. From this brief musical career, the Queen of Unicorns learned how to market her events and to highlight the offerings of her band over anyone else’s. Additionally, the cosmetic genius learned to appreciate her fans, a prowess that is the main reason why her makeup line stands out the most.

Love Yourself and What You Do

For too long, Deere felt alone in her life. Even as a child, she was different from other people and being unable to express herself throughout her life lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and general hopelessness. As a result and after the spark of her successful company, Deere realized that the very traits that made her different made her part of the universe. With a belief that everybody has something special about themselves, the beauty urges her followers to use those unique traits to express themselves and to go where they love. Following your heart is fundamental in this often saddening world, so never forget what happiness truly means.


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Tyrants And Dictators Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

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Thor Halvorssen is a name well known throughout the human rights activism community for his role in freeing various political prisoners, and raising awareness of the role dictators such as Russian President Vladimir Putin have in the loss of human rights seen around the world.

The Venezuelan film producer and activist has looked to raise awareness of human rights abuses in countries around the world, regardless of the political leaning of their ruling government; socialist leaning governments, such as those of Venezuela and Cuba have been discussed by Halvorssen, but remain ignored by activists who share their political values. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Forbes

Thor Halvorssen has described himself as a classical liberal in his political viewpoint, particularly after the man of Norwegian descent bought and operated a socialist newspaper in the Scandinavian country in the early 21st century.

Despite his strong liberal leanings the political viewpoint of those he works with does not play a role in the decision making of Halvorssen, who has also appeared on more conservative leaning news media, such as the Fox Business Channel.

Halvorssen does not limit himself to the operation of the Human Rights Foundation and the impressive Oslo Freedom Forum, but instead looks to make sure the next generation of political activists are nurtured through charitable groups like the Children’s Peace Movement. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The Children’s Peace Movement allows young people in northern and southern Europe to interact with young people living in areas of conflict to allow a greater understanding of human rights issues across the planet.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen in his role as a problem for tyrants around the world is his position on the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin; not only has Halvorssen supported political activists Pussy Riot during their imprisonment in Russia, but also appointed well known Putin opponent Gary Kasparov to the position of President of the Human Rights Foundation.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen admits to using the mainstream media in the 21st century to publicize the causes he feels are important and looks to bring human rights awareness to the public through various media outlets.

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Brian Bonar Honored By The Cambridge Who’s Who Organization

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The Cambridge Who’s Who organization recently selected executive Brian Bonar as the Cambridge Executive of The Year in Finance. Brian Bonar is currently the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance award is considered one of the highest professional networking honors for executives.

The Cambridge Who’s Who organization has a committee that selects the winners of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year award. The committee uses a variety of criteria for selecting the executive of the year such as educational accomplishments, leadership capabilities, and professional achievements.

Brian Bonar follows a long line of Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance award winners. He represents the qualities that the Cambridge Who’s Who organization looks for regarding the executives who are selected for the executive of the year award. Mr. Bonar holds several degrees that includes a Ph. D. In addition, Mr. Bonar has high regard for education and the importance of education for professionals.

As a an executive Brian Bonar has many qualities that demonstrate why he was selected executive of the year in finance by the Cambridge Who’s Who organization. Along with being the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is also the CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services, and he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian Bonar professional life has covered almost 30 years. During this time, he has shown over and over again that he can produce results in a result oriented professional environment. Mr. Bonar is a hard worker who believes in given his all for every task.

In every executive position that Brian Bonar has held he has made a positive contribution to the organization. His combination of education, leadership abilities, and management skills has helped him to make a name for himself in the financial sector.

As the winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance award presented by the Cambridge Who’s Who organization, Brian Bonar continues to add accomplishments to his resume as an executive. The internal drive that is needed to win awards such as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance is what makes Brian Bonar unique and sets him apart from other executives.

Numerous executives can run an organization, but few executives can make a difference within the organization. Brian Bonar has demonstrated that he has the qualities needed to be an excellent executive. Brian Bonar is to be commended for being selected Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance.


Business Development Individual of the Year Award For 2016

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Darius Fisher of Status Labs has been selected to receive the Business Development Individual of the Year from the 2016 PR World Awards. The PR World Awards are a highly recognizable achievement that highlights the brightest and most successful minds in fields such as marketing, communications and public relations from companies found all over the world.

Mr. Fisher has led Status Labs towards immense revenue growth and company expansion. In a span of three years beginning in 2012 and ending in 2015, the firm has seen its revenue increase by over 900% under the leadership of Darius Fisher.

The exponential increase of Status Labs can be attributed to several key things that Darius Fisher has done. He has begun offering new digital services at his firm. Mr. Fisher has also put developing client relations as a top priority. The result has been year after year of recording breaking growth in revenue and customers. Among the clients that Darius Fisher has cultivated at Status Labs are numerous Fortune 500 companies and leading public figures from the USA and abroad.

Mr. Fisher has brought a long term approach to the company that builds upon its existing assets. At the same time, Darius Fisher is looking to continue expanding the company. This includes expanding his sales, customer relations and management personnel. He expects to hire more employees at his New York office in the future as the volume of work exceeds what his employees can now handle.

Darius Fisher has been invited to attend the PR World Awards on June 27th in San Francisco. Winners will be honored at the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner there. Upon being announced the winner of the award, Darius Fisher responded by saying it is a great honor to be awarded such as prestigious award at this time. He went on to say that the award is a reflection of the entire Status Labs team. It represents the great work and effort that each and every employee puts in at the office in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo every workday.


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Madison Street Capital Wins Coveted M&A Advisor Award

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A major award has been won by Madison Street Capital for their work in assisting Dowco in acquiring the firm of Acuna & Asociados S.A. The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards on Wall Street, established by the M&A Advisor investor trade journal, presented the award. Madison Street was nominated for two awards: ‘Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year’ and ‘International and Industrials Deal of the Year.’ The awards are more than simple prestige. They represent the health and progress of a business. Read more:

The award Madison Capital is in the running for is for is for an acquisition that was actually headed up by Karl D’Cunha, the firm’s Senior Managing Director. D’Cunha indicated how much of an honor to even be among the finalists for these two awards. He was especially pleased that they were high enough in the rankings to be Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. People employed by the company, across the world contributed great work that resulted in this award. Read more:

The acquisition had a great deal of complexity, according to D’Cunha. The award would be a great endorsement of everyone’s diligent work to pull together a team of winning workers who deserve just such an award. On November 9th the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will be the venue where the award will be presented to the lucky winner. This is held annually at the New York Athletic Club.

A leading investment bank, Madison Street Capital, LLC, supplies financial advice to many satisfied client companies. They have facilitated acquisitions and mergers for public companies and private businesses through their M&A expertise. The specific professional assistance they provide the most is for international business. They are also adept at raising capital, transferring client company ownership, and assist in investing emerging markets. Read more in this Benzinga article.

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Diversant LLC – The Future Of IT Staffing In America

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John Goullet is a Principal of Diversant LLC, a Washington based IT staffing firm. Since several decades, Diversant has provided both small and Fortune 500 companies with IT manpower. In fact, the company is the largest African American owned IT staffing firm in the nation. As a certified minority owned business, Diversant helps minorities and less privileged individuals fulfill the need of American firms. As its name implies, Diversant focuses on providing a diverse workforce to American businesses. The management of the company believes that diversity in the workplace leads to innovation, better ideas, creativity and effective problem solving – traits that are necessary for the success of modern American enterprise.

According to the official statement of the company, the success of Diversant is attributed to its products and services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of clients and the community they serve. In fact, the company does not see itself as a commodity supplier that only fulfills the need of the client. Instead, it takes a consultative approach where potential employees are matched with employers who can offer a long-term sustainable career opportunities. At the core of diversity principle is the partnership model, which considers clients, consultants and companies as stakeholders. For instance, the user experience design helps consultants evaluate the needs of a specific firm or a sector. Based on the individual needs, these consultants may use a propriety model to vet candidates for specific skills required by the client. Such a model ensures that only the best candidate is aligned with the need of technology firm.

Perhaps, the innovation and dynamic vision of Diversant LLC was one of the main reasons why industry veteran, John Goullet decided to join hands with the company. Acting as a Principal to Diversant, John started his career as an entrepreneur who led many IT firms to form successful ventures. Later, John started his own IT consultancy business, which also proved profitable. However, Goullet was inclined to form his IT staffing firm. The result was Info Technologies, which amassed $30 Million in a short time-span before merging with Diversant LLC.

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Online Reputation Tools

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The Huffington Post reports that popular review sites like Yelp, Advisor, and Google Business are important reputation factors for a business to consider, but they aren’t everything. You really need to pay attention to wherever your business is mentioned are being talked about on the internet. Constancy in this is necessary because the internet never sleeps. Obviously, listening and paying attention constantly to such a huge organism is impossible for one person alone to do. Fortunately, there are online management computer app tools that are designed to do this for their owners.
Cool online software tools like Trackur, Reputology, and will track your online reputation for you. These are great, quality brands, but they do cost. There are some slight lesser but still very good free online tracking tools you can use. You can get Google Alerts which has a free method of getting alerts whenever someone mentions, your brand, product, or service. You can get Twitter. Just enter your brand name in the search box. In options you can even program the advanced search to record all of the tweets that mention you.

You can also get the If This Then That online tool to get alerts for things mentioned about your company on Twitter and Facebook. You can use Complaint Site Search to keep a continual search for your company on 40 complaint sites. You can also just use Google. This method is probably a little more inefficient than the others since you may still need to look through a page or two of hits to find anything.


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Promoting At EdSurge Conference In Los Angeles

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Alexei Beltyukov is not only a proponent of education but also values the broadening of horizons through developing continuing education. His newest entrepreneurial endeavor SOLVY was showcased on the weekend for Educator Day at EdSurge’s tech conference in LA. Alexei Beltyukov was excited to share the technology with other educational and professional stakeholders as well as exchange feedback about the product in the teaching environment. He views the Educator Day as a unique opportunity and an ideal venue for his interactive educator software.

The Educator Day incorporated hundreds of coordinators, teachers, and administrators to explore the different product brought forward by the tech coordinators including Alexei Beltyukov is pleased to see that has drawn the attention of education experts and tech experts. The company was recently listed as one of the most promising startups by The reason SOLVY has emerged as a robust web service is that it is a free online math homework platform for teachers, students, and schools.

The students can access math problems handpicked by their teachers. The teachers are allowed to assign exercises to students based on their needs and interests, and students can send requests to their teachers when they need extra support based on their homework performance. SOLVY’s goal is to save teachers’ time as well as helping them provide a real-world context for learning. Students can also interact with others using the web tool while the teachers can pinpoint any errors or misunderstandings from the students. does not use multiple-choice questions; instead, the student has to input the answers they arrive at and still show how they arrived at the answers. The objective of SOLVY is to promote progressive thinking on growth mindset, allow the student to make mistakes so that they can learn from them. Alexei Beltyukov hopes that will become a known brand in math education.

Alexei Beltyukov decided to switch his career to pursue business after starting his career in medicine. He graduated with his MBA in INSEAD Business School and then launched several successful businesses. He aims to distribute to schools around the world to help the users gain an edge in math education by increasing their comprehension of the math subject.  Be sure to follow his journey on social media.


The Ancient Tradition of Kabbalah is Experiencing a Rebirth

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Kabbalah is one of the oldest practices of studying spiritual mystism. This ancient practice has been handed down from generation to generation. Kabbalah is an ancient tradition that stems from Judism, but today it is practiced by Jews and Gentiles alike. This ancient tradition has spiked in popularity in the last few years, with hollywood celebrities such as Madonna following the practice.

Practitioners believe that it brings joy and meaning to their life and that by studying the Zohar, which are a grouo of books of commentary on the Torah, they can become closer to the Light. The Light is what practitioners of Kabbalah consider the essence of God. This ancient mystic study is an important part of Judism and is one of the oldest mystic traditions.

While rooted in Judism, not all people who study the Kabbalah are Jewish, as the Kabbalah simply seeks to help people understand the relationship between the mysteries of infinity, refered to as Ein Sol, and the mortal, finite universe that we live in and are a pert of. A person who wants to study Kaballah does not have to belong to be any particular religion, and is called a Mekubbal in traditonal Judism. This ancient tradion is rooted in mysitism and the supernatural.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984 and it is a non-profit organization that seeks to help people learn about Kabbalah and by offering classes on the Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. This international organization is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

The centre was founded by Phillip Berg and his wife Karen Berg. They have a misson of opening up the study to all interested people and believe that when enough people study the Kabbalah it will usher in an age of peace and end all war, disease, and famine.

Traditionally the Kabbalah was considered so complex that only Jewish scholars who had years of Jewish study were encouraged to study the Kabbalah, meaning that most Kabbalah practicers have been males over the age of 40. The Kabbalah seeks to put an end to that by offering tutors to anyone who wishes to study and learn.

Follow The Kabbalah Centre on Twitter @kabbalahcentre to learn more.


What You Need to Know About Wessex Institute of Technology

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The Wessex Institute of Technology is situated in England in the New Forest National Park. The institution is used primarily by scientists and individuals interested in science. Wessex Institute through training and other activities participates in information exchange. This sharing of information is for academics and researchers in the scientific community. Through its associate companies and affiliates, Wessex has successfully managed to create and develop strong networks and links. The institute is described as unique because it is dedicated only to the scientific community.

The institute was the creation of Professor Carlos Brebbia. Carlos has extensive experience in the world of engineering. He earned his first degree in engineering and after that enrolled at Southampton University for a higher degree. He is famous for coming up with Boundary Element Method that has been the basis of the most of the research work in Wessex. Carlos is still determined to Wessex prosper and continue making a name for itself.

For purposes of promoting the exchange of information between academics, Wessex organizes meetings, seminars, and conferences. Every year the conferences are held. The Institute has held the discussions since the year 2008. The international conference program is entirely different from the other forums that it organizes. The meeting is distinct because those attending can access the soft and hard copy of papers to be presented. These articles are made available by the publishing department of the Institute. The papers are easily available from the school. The annual meeting organized by the Institute pertains to matters to do with physical sciences and engineering. These meetings are as a result of the links and networks that it has created.

The main activities of Wessex are graduate programs at doctoral and masters level. It also has its specialist research that deals with Information Communications Technology, Damage Mechanics, Environmental Modelling and Fluid Mechanics. The software services arm of the Institute deals with the development and maintenance of Boundary Element Analysis System. Its American office situated in Boston deals with the promotion of boundary elements and the sale of Wessex publications. One can obtain more information about Wessex through a simple Google search to see what the Institution is all about.

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