The Unparalleled Success of Chris Burch in Entrepreneurship

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Chris Burch is a flexible entrepreneur who runs different businesses including real estate, fashion, and technology. He went to Itchaca College for his further studies. Currently, he is the head of Burch Creative Capital.   Refer to to learn more about him.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Burch is also actively involved in philanthropy. He has channeled generous donations to various organizations such as NYU Langone, an institution based in New York City. This system offers medical training to youths. Chris Burch was also among the people who spearheaded the rehabilitation of Nihi Simba. This is a resort that people from Sumba Community are fond of.   To read more about the resort, check

He started his career at Eagles Eyes which he launched with his brother and father. Right now he is working at Burch Creative capital. He established with the aim of laying foundations for other entrepreneurs who admire his success. Chris is the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital.  Burch Creative Capital has been successful because of his creative innovations and determination towards achieving the company’s goals.

Chris also owns hotels, restaurants, and resorts that have been operating very smoothly and successfully. These businesses have earned him income that he has used to invent other businesses. Moreover, he also invests in many successful companies. His decision making has been very concrete and discerning to the point of making him interact freely with his customers.

Additionally, he has achieved all the success as an entrepreneur because of the risks that he takes. He uses these risks as opportunities to propel him higher in his fields of operations. He is someone who doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants. This has been a major quality that he poses.

While operating his businesses, he has gained so much skill that has helped him in marketing his products and property to his customers. Know his latest innovative product offering to the market, hit on this.

Chris has invested largely in real estate. Nihi Sumba Island Resorts belongs to him. The resort is located in South-Eastern parts of Asia. This resort has more than 20 villas that operate on a daily basis. This is a way of pockets huge profits at the end of every financial year. He is also the co-founder of Faena Hotel which operates as an international business. This hotel accommodated delegates, tourists, and investors from all over the world. He also owns properties that are rented as residential home within Palm Beach, Southampton, and many other places.  Take a tour to this entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton, click on   Despite his notable achievements, he still keeps looking for new business and investment idea.

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Christopher Burch & American Express – A Story of Financial Evolution.

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American Express is one of the top credit card processing companies on the planet, but even they are not immune to the ebb and flow of an industry constantly in flux. We can look to Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur who had been with AmEx since 1979, as a prime example of how the company has lost and is simultaneously trying to once again find their vision. Burch had been with AmEx since 1979 before ultimately making the jump to a top tier competitor in JP Morgan Chase & CO — specifically the Sapphire Reserve card. The goal for AmEx, according to CEO Stephen Squeri, is to find a way to appeal both to the wealthy and the young alike.

American Express has had to deal with rising competition over the past decade that almost nobody could have predicted. The rise of Paypal as well as cryptocurrency has created a financial industry that is completely in the swing of a revolution. Silicon Valley, the leading epicenter of how money moves around, has turned almost completely to PayPal. For American Express, this battle with other companies has slowed them down, thus pushing their entire company on the bridge of a potential split away from profit and potentially to falling out of the market. Mr. Squeri has a tough road ahead of him as he has to re-capture the millennial audience that has strayed so far away from convention in the financial realm.

Christopher Burch made Forbe’s list of wealthiest Americans back in 2014 and he has multiple holdings that converge all across some of the busiest industries: technology, hospitality and even retail. When Burch saw that AmEx was no longer providing the kind of support that his sizable holdings required, he saw it as a chance to re-evaluate and move on. AmEx personally reached out to Mr. Burch when they saw he was moving away from the card but as of yet they haven’t been able to win the Forbes’ member back.  Additional article on

For his latest cool contribution to the market, check this.

Christopher Burch may not be a household name around the United States, but his work certainly has reached out to homes all across the globe. Burch is the CEO at Burch Creative Capital. His company focuses on expanding his own entrepreneurial vision in order to plunge into new opportunities along the industries that we had listed above. Learn more about the diversity of his entrepreneurial vision and output, click on

Burch and his company have been in business for over 40 years as of this writing.  To read more about him, hop over to

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Chris Burch Changes Credit Card Services

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Recently, entrepreneur Chris Burch decided to change credit card companies. He switched to J.P. Morgan Chase to take advantage of its new Sapphire Rewards card. This marks a new beginning for Chris when it comes to using credit card companies. For over three decades, he was a loyal customer to American Express. However, like a lot of other customers, Chris is looking to take advantage of other benefits offered by the competition. American Express has experienced some recent setbacks over the years due to increased competition from other banks and internet companies that provide financial services. The new CEO of American Express Stephen Squeri will look to help the company reclaim its status as the top credit card finance company in the world. Squeri understands that a considerable challenge lies ahead. However he believes that he can help the company get out of its current slump and become a more appealing firm for investors in the near future.

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has founded successful companies as well as established himself as an active investor. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital which specializes in developing brands for numerous companies as well as managing venture capital investments. Over the years, his company has emerged as one of the more innovative and beneficial to numerous clients. Along with founding Burch Creative Capital, Chris is also the co founder of the fashion company called Tory Burch LLC. This is also another highly successful company that Chris has put together. Along with being an entrepreneur, Chris has invested in a number of venture such as Guggenheim Partners. In 2012, Chris reached a considerable milestone when he was named as one of the wealthiest people in the world. He achieved billionaire status that year and made the list of Forbes.  Have an in-depth look at the diversity of his business portfolio, check on

At the beginning of his career, Chris got involved in the fashion industry where he founded an apparel company. This company made sweaters and sold them through various retail stores.  Refer to to read related articles.  Over the next several years, his company would make over $100 million in total sales along with opening up and expanding to 50 retail locations. After establishing his own fashion company, he would get involved in real estate. One of his business ventures in real estate was selling construction materials to real estate developers. He would also invest in various real estate properties in the United States and foreign countries such as Argentina. Read more about his real estate investment on  In recent years, Chris has invested in various companies in both the telecommunications and technology industries.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, hit this.

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The Career of Billionaire and Investment Master Christopher Burch

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Being the entrepreneur responsible for the investments company Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is one of the finest investors and financial advisors or administrators currently working in New York. He is the Chief Executive Officer of his personal investment corporation and is the founder of the group. Besides that, he is also the co-founder of the more famous brand, Tory Burch clothing, which sells clothes and accessories for Women’s Designers.

Christopher Burch began his investment studies right during his youth, when he was still living with his family in Pennsylvania. Although he was very young and didn’t know how investments worked, his father owned a mining equipment distribution company, and many of the decisions he had to made he would share with his son, who was learning with one of the best businesspeople of his family.

Nowadays, he is a billionaire and is ranked in Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world, having achieved a big fortune by making successful and profitable investment decisions and by creating and leading companies that ended up very successful, like Tory Burch’s clothing brand.

Tory was originally named “Tory Robinson,” and they both co-founded her fashion store together, having also had three children together, the twins Henry and Nicholas and the youngest brother Sawyer. Three boys.

March 28, 1953, J. Christopher Burch has always had a passion for investing and being a leader, and his investment philosophy, one of the most valuable assets that are held dearly by his co-workers, was directly implemented into the business model of his private capital, Burch Creative Capital. Visit the website, click on

The success of Burch Creative Capital was so big that the profit of the investments made in a year was enough to fund the creation of the fashion company of his wife. When they both succeeded after the inauguration of the Tory Burch store, the wealth of Chris Burch skyrocketed. It was in the following years that he would earn his next few billions of dollars.

Apart from being a financial administration genius and a great leader, the active investor also has a lot of knowledge in the marketing and campaign industry, and is a very good salesman. He has a lot of interest in the fields of technology and hospitality, and intends on tackling those businesses in the future.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

To read more about his impressive investment, check this.

Among the investments that Burch has already made in his career, he has already invested in the Real Estate and Hospitality industry with the architects Philippe Stark and Alan Faena.  Additional article on

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The Entrepreneurial Achievements of Chris Burch

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Chris Burch is one of the most successful men in the world. As such, he commands a lot of respect from every industry that he has ventured into. For Burch, the road has not always been smooth. However, determination has made him get to where he is today. Besides, he was only born in a middle class family. Therefore, the only thing they could do to contribute to his success is give him a good education.

The desire to be an entrepreneur was always with Chris Burch ever since he was young. Helping in his father’s mining equipment shop, he always thought that being a businessman was lucrative. Therefore, when he joined Ithaca College he decided to try his hand on it.  More to read on

Eagle’s Eye Apparel

Chris Burch collaborated with his brother to raise $2000, which they used to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel. Through the company, they would buy sweaters and sell them to students at a profit no less than $5 per sweater. He even started to sell them door-to-door and within no time their business was booming. The business grew so big that they would sell to other campuses. Later on, they even open retail stores. And, by the time they were selling the company, it owned over 40 retail stores and was worth at least $140 million.  For an overview of the diversity of his investment, check

Burch Creative Capital

In the year 2008, Burch went ahead to establish J. Christopher LLC. The company has since changed names to Burch Creative Capital, which concentrates in developing brands and investments. Through this company, Burch has founded brands like C. Wonder, which he later sold. C. Wonder was a home décor, apparel and accessories retailer. The company also oversaw the establishment of Tory Burch LLC, a fashion company.  Related article here.


Chris Burch is a co-founder of Nihiwatu. Together with the famous hotelier James McBride, they bought the resort in the year 2013. Back then, it was only a hostel that used to be owned by an American couple. However, the location appealed to them as it was in a cool and undamaged land in a remote Indonesian Island known as Sumba.  Related article on

Today, Nihiwatu is one of the finest vacation resorts in the world. Burch is often quoted saying that he built it for his children. However, that is not what it is all about. Nihiwatu is about giving back to the community. That is why a percentage of their total revenues goes to the local NGO.

A note-worthy article on

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Chris Burch: Owner and Founder of Nihi Resort

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Recap: Nihiwatu Resort Voted Best Hotel in the World

In an article published in the business insider, Nihiwatu resort has managed to scoop the top position as the best hotel in the world for the second time in a row. Nihiwatu which is currently known as Nihi Sumba is located in Indonesia and was founded by Chris Burch. Chris Burch is well known for starting several successful businesses. He started Nihiwatu resort together with a friend known as James McBride. The two partners decided to purchase a beach hostel on the island of Sumba. After they made the purchase, they invested $30 million in this hostel and transformed it into what is today a five-star resort.

Opened in 2015, Nihi resort which means ‘mortar stone’ has 27 private villas. Chris Burch has used this resort to start an initiative to help the locals in the Sumba Island. He has assigned a portion of the resort’s profit to go to the Sumba Foundation. This resort has brought a new and better look to this beautiful Island. The resort has state of the art amenities and is the ideal place for anyone seeking a holiday destination.  Read more about the resort in this useful link on

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a brilliant investor who has founded and co-founded several successful retail brands. He is famously known for starting the Burch Creative Capital. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. His journey to the top took a lot of hard work and commitment. Born and raised in a middle-class family, Chris Burch ventured into business at a young age. He started a sweater business with his brother. At the time, he was in the Ithaca College pursuing his degree.  According to,  the sweater company which was known as Eagle’s Eye expanded from $2,000 which was the initial investment to $140 million.  Read his shared ideas and insights here.

Chris Burch is a diverse investor. He has also ventured into the real estate industry. In 2004, he developed Faena Hotel together with hotelier Alana Faena and architect Philippe Stark. He has a company known as J.B.Christopher which supplies construction materials to real estate developers. He has also partnered with Austin Hearst and together they developed a luxury home development in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Chris Burch is a man with a good eye for investment. Keep updated with his recent timeline activities, click

In 2012, he made his billion dollar mark and was named the newest billionaire in the world by Forbes.  Check  Chris does not just think about profit but cares about the community as well.

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Chris Burch and the Intriguing Tool that Samsung Introduced

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Being an entrepreneur is a demanding job. That’s nothing short of an understatement, I know, but as a serial entrepreneur, I’m constantly on the go, traveling to various places to meet with colleagues and discuss new opportunities. Which makes it a challenge to get things done and keep the ball moving forward.

That’s why I find one of Samsung’s latest products, DeX, so intriguing. What DeX will do is transform your Note 8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + into a full-size computer. As this article in Engadget notes, Samsung’s apparent goal was to help software developers take their working environment with them wherever they go, but the benefits of DeX are much larger than that.

Ever since my brother and I started Eagle’s Eye back in our college days, I’ve kept a keen eye out for emerging trends that could lead to a new business opportunity, or a new avenue to enrich peoples’ lives. Having this sort of mindset has been one of the secrets to my success. And it’s also led to a business and social schedule that’s nothing short of chaotic.

Additional reading here.

Now, whether I’m meeting with an up and coming fashion designer in London, discussing new home furnishings ideas for ED, reading up on the latest office accessories from Poppin—or stuck in an airport lounge or hotel room, with the Samsung DeX I could work more effectively.

The DeX also offers an intriguing option for tiny homes, such as Cocoon 9, where space is at a premium. All you’ll need is your phone, a keyboard and mouse, and a monitor or, more realistically, a flat screen that serves dual purposes.  Additional article on

Unfortunately, the DeX is still in the final stages of development, so it will likely be a few more months before anyone can experience this firsthand.

Christopher Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital, his own private firm that he created to help many new technologies and brands rise and become famous. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, young and old alike, and his Burch Creative Capital also has a very wide reputation on the internet. Visit its website, head over to

Chris Burch can be regarded as both an investor and an innovator himself, as he can see the potential in many ideas that others can’t.  Refer to for more reading.

That philosophy and a keen eye to see bright ideas for the future has made Burch an outstanding entrepreneur to work with.  For update on his latest timeline activities, hit

Read more about his famous resort on

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Entrepreneurial skills to learn from the billionaire Chris Burch

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Entrepreneurial skills to learn from the billionaire Chris Burch

For any person looking to venture into business, you must be very decisive and be ready to face all the challenges head-on. Entrepreneurship requires a person who is very open-minded, a person who is always observant of the situations around him/her or even at international level so that you can seize opportunities as they present. Chris Burch is one such businessman.

Chris started seizing opportunities when he was still in college. It while still a student that he and his brother raise $ 2000 to start a company that would sell sweaters to fellow college students. Refer to for a related story.  This experience gave Burch a real experience when it comes to dealing with customers, marketing, and excellent customer relation. The company was the first one, but it turned out to be a great success giving Burch the needed capital and skills to soar even higher. Burch’s entrepreneurial skills are in his DNA. His father was also a businessman. He had invested in the construction industry. Growing up, Chris learned from his father and for sure he has used the knowledge very well. Today, Burch is one of the Billionaires listed by Forbes as one of the world’s richest man.  Check

Burch has been very versatile. Over his 40 years of career experience, he has invested in different fields, tapping the best out of every venture. Chris is a very determined man who knows exactly what he wants. He is creative and always on the move. He credits his success to his nature if giving his whole self to any business that he has ever started. Burch has invested in the hotel businesses, real estate, resorts and fashion industry. He is excellent when it comes to marketing and addressing customer needs. He is also very skilled in investment ideas and has seen over 5o companies achieve great success.  Check his shared ideas and insights in this article on

Burch is currently the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital (BCC). The company focuses on branding and investments. He is also the owner of Tory Burch LLC. Chris recently sold C. Wonder. He has invested in Nihi Sumba resort. A lovely place for vacationers and especially those who love nature in its very raw form. The resort is located in Indonesia and is comprised of 27 villas all neighboring the beautiful beaches of Sumba Island.  For more reading about the resort, hop over here..

Burch has shared his wealth with the less privileged over the years. He has contributed enormously to organizations such as The Child Welfare League of China, and he has funded medical ventures at the New York University. Through Nihi Sumba resort. He has continuously given humanitarian aid to the people of Sumba. For an overview of his various accomplishments, click

Visit for more of his creative output.

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Whitney Wolf Gets Married in Paradise

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Whitney Wolfe, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the popular dating app Bumble recently tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Michael Herd. The two were married in southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast in celebration of love that their guests will remember for many years to come. Very similarly to the app that Wolfe is now the CEO of, their relationship started with the woman making the first move. The two met almost four years ago during a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado and the rest is history. The venue they chose for their wedding was Villa Tre Ville which aimed to stay as true to the real southern Italian theme as possible. The couple had local bakers and chefs cater the event to not only incorporate the backdrop of southern Italy but also the many wonderful and authentic flavors. The event wrapped up as the sun was rising creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime for the happy couple and all of their guests.

Bumble has taken off with the CEO Whitney Wolfe at the helm. For those unfamiliar, the dating app works by having you match with someone you’d like to go on a date with. The only difference between Bumble and other popular dating app is that once a connection is made between two heterosexual people the woman must make the fist move. This idea has become more and more popular with the rise of the feminist movement and is quickly gaining steam. The company has also rolled out their new service called Bumble BFF where instead of looking for a date you can connect with people who have similar interests with you to make friends in a new area or simply meet new and exciting people. The Southern Methodist University alum also helped develop Bumble Bizz which can help you network throughout your career. The network of young business professionals gives you access to a diverse group of people around your age who are experiencing some of the same issues and can share information between one another to better build your respective careers. Bumble is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. Wolfe may only be in her 20’s but she’s already gained more experience and wisdom than most due in their entire careers. The world of online dating is still relatively young and if any major shakeups occur you can put your money on Wolfe to have a say in them.

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Providing Better Education Funding with Betsy DeVos

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Betsy DeVos is one the known leader who has always ensured that every person gains excellence education in the United States. One of the accomplishments is the introduction of The Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation whereby she was able to offer those need students in the community to attain better education through giving them scholarships. Through the hard work and commitment in doing these enabled Betsy to be recognized as one of the successful philanthropy and social business ventures. The foundation also made a massive achievement through raising a total of $11.6 million in the year 2015 they used the money to fund different charities in the American community. The United States also has been able to recognize the family hence they are grateful for the work that they are doing in helping the needy students to attain education.


Also, Besty was a candid activist who the main agenda is forceful for transforming the education sector in America. She was able to be appointed as the cabinet secretary in the Trump government due to the better values that she has. Also through the fondness that saw the backing of the institution including Potter’s House School and the Success Academy Charter Schools enabled many students to attain exceptional education. The most significance that Betsy believes is the American Education System on its need of past concepts. The can be achieved through retrieving and applying a new mechanism that lean extra on what students need.


Another accomplishment of Betsy is through ensuring the education sector does not get restricted to a charter school but as well develop of research in medicine. Furthermore, a contribution that the family foundation helped is the big brother to Christian missions of art. For a period of five years, the organization raised a sum of $100 million that has been used in endorsing various project with the objective of transforming the world to be a healthier place.


Through exploring all over the world currently, Betsy has been able to know the state of the education in different institutions. Charter schools which have received imminent support from her are grateful hence these also create interest from other big stakeholders to contributing in helping them too. As a cabinet secretary of education, it has seen her provide help and better to all schools which are in need.


Betsy main values are through creating better rapport with parents and educators which is the main reason why the projects that she introduces are a success. Furthermore, District of Columbia is where he has enabled students to choose the schools of their satisfactory these have enabled the students to be happy and venture into a career of their select. Lastly, she also emphasizes that problem which the education sector face now should be handled better than before.


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