Chris Burch Journey to Great Achievements in Life

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Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital and has been a collection of so many businesses. He has been known for his great innovative skills and has been on the frontline trying to fight for success. He is always passionate about growth and has never given up on his mission of achieving in life. Many people…

Chris Burch Co-Founder of the New Utopia Resort: Hotel Nihiwatu

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Hotel Nihiwatu has for the second year in a row won the number one hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure readers. When tourist visit they are immersed in an environment that embodies sophistication and culture. The guest experience the perks and wonders of the hotel while simultaneously experiencing the drawbacks of native life….

Prison Security becomes High-Tech, Securus Technologies on Crime Prevention

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With the United States having approximately 2.3 million inmates in local, federal, and state jails, prison officers understand it is appropriate to use sophisticated technology to deter crimes among inmates. In partnership with Securus Technologies, a firm that develops innovative crime prevention technology, prison managers can monitor and watch the activities of the citizens serving…

Chris Burch Is No Longer An American Express Customer

Posted on December 5, 2017 By

One thing about Chris Burch is he’s always a man of change, in particular how he went from being a fashion entrepreneur to one of today’s most affluent real estate investors and property owners. But one thing he had kept the same during most of his career was continually using American Express credit cards, that…

Strategic Decision by Chris Burch regarding AmEx

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Chris Burch a fashion Mogul co-founder of Troy Burch and the CEO of Burch Creative capital attributes his successes to taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes in the process. He says that mistakes allow the manager to grow and also exposes the manager to opportunities out there that will go a long…

Dr. David Samadi: Internationally Known Urology And Robotic Surgery Expert

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Dr. David Samadi is an expert in urology and robotic surgery. Head of the Lenox Hill Hospital urology department and chief of robotic surgery, he’s also the LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra North Shore urology program director and professor of urology. He’s also an American Medical Association and American Urological Association member. Many people…

The Philanthropic Chris Burch

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I have discovered that Chis Burch who is an entrepreneur in America has been utilizing the Express Co. cards since the year 1979.Chris later switched to the Sapphire Reserve card and the J.P Morgan chase in this year. Mr. Chris was enlisted in the year 2014 to the Forbes magazine. I realized that the Burch…

Oncotarget, a Prominent Scientific Bio-Medical Journal

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Oncotarget is a renowned multidisciplinary bio-medical journal. Oncotarget recently assured its readers that all its scientific publications will continually be available through PubMed Central, PubMed, Web of Science, BIOSIS Previews, and Biological Abstracts among other platforms. Oncotarget is now committed to becoming a pioneering research journal. For the record, Oncotarget works in close collaboration with…

The Unparalleled Success of Chris Burch in Entrepreneurship

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Chris Burch is a flexible entrepreneur who runs different businesses including real estate, fashion, and technology. He went to Itchaca College for his further studies. Currently, he is the head of Burch Creative Capital.   Refer to to learn more about him. Apart from entrepreneurship, Burch is also actively involved in philanthropy. He has channeled…

Christopher Burch & American Express – A Story of Financial Evolution.

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American Express is one of the top credit card processing companies on the planet, but even they are not immune to the ebb and flow of an industry constantly in flux. We can look to Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur who had been with AmEx since 1979, as a prime example of how the company has…