Chris Burch: The Master of Diversified Business Ventures

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Chris Burch is known for his innovative vision that helped him to establish successful business ventures in various sectors. It should be noted that he has investments in resorts, alternative living spaces, online consumer brands, real estate, organic foods, technology, retail and lifestyle brands, and more.  He is the Chief Executive of Burch Creative Capital.

Burch started his entrepreneurial journey when he was attending his college. His initial venture was Eagle Eye Apparel, an apparel brand that was targeting direct-to-home sales. Interestingly, Burch was collaborating with his brother and making an investment of $2000 for launching the firm. Years later, both could sell the company for a whopping $60 million, and that gave great confidence to Burch to continue with his entrepreneurial insights. Refer to for related article.

His Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm on startups and looking for creating disruptive brands by following the entrepreneurial insights of Burch. Burch has expertise in various industries including hospitality, technology, financial services, apparel, real estate, and more. In his four decades of investment career, Burch has developed at least 50 companies using his investment skills, ability to understand consumer behavior, and product sourcing experience. Interestingly, many of them have grown as some of the best consumer brands in various sectors. Have a glimpse of his diverse business ventures, check

To address the growing needs of affordable, simple home solutions, Burch established Cocoon9, a pre-developed housing project that creates miniature homes with high-quality and modern construction. Its homes are ranging from 160-square feet to 480-square foot – an option for simple and affordable living.   Click this for more related reading.

Chris Burch is credited for many brands including Jawbone, Voss Water, Poppin, C. Wonder, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Blink Health, BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Soludos, and more. He established a premium-class beach resort named Nihiwatu in a remote Indonesian Island. It should be noted that originally, it was a beach hostel, and Burch partnered with James McBride – a famous hotelier – in 2012 to purchase it. They renovated the hostel and converted it into an ultra-modern beach resort with 27 premium villas. It opened in 2015, and many industrial bodies recognized the resort as the best in the category.  Read more about this ultra-modern beach resort on

Burch also collaborated with another hotelier, Alan Faena, and established Faena Hotel and Universe in Argentina. He is also credited for many philanthropic contributions and initiatives. Burch was on the boards of The Pierre Hotel and Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He contributed large amounts to NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Sumba Foundation, The China Association of Social Work, The Henry Street Settlement, and more.  To know his recent timeline activities, hit

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