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Investing in Nihiwatu

Christopher Burch is one of the most successful international entrepreneurs. He has founded and co-founded several organizations, including Tory Burch and C Wonder. Chris has also invested in multiple companies. While he may seem successful, Chris` dedication to succeed in various industries is remarkable. He, therefore, recently ventured into hospitality.

In 2012, Chris Burch partnered with James McBride, to purchase a beach hotel. The luxurious inn is located on Sumba island, Indonesia. The two investors spent over $30 million to renovate the hotel. Burch and McBride re-opened the inn, in 2015, and re-named it, Nihiwatu. The renovations were made to make the hotel a five-star resort, that would attract high-value customers.

In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu resort as the best hotel in the world. In 2015, Chris Burch praised the hotel in an interview that was held by Business Jet Traveler. He bought the hotel because it had a conducive environment for his children. The resort was a means through which, Burch and his partner, would give back to the community. Check for related article.

The hotel enables people to experiment some leisure activities that they have never tried. Nihiwatu has a beautiful palette. Customers can go to new places, have butlers in their rooms, or build spas under waterfalls. Chris Burch acknowledges, he did not expect the hotel to be a success. He spends much of his time at the resort, in Hamptons and Miami.

The five-star hotel has 27 private villas that include Burch`s home, Raja Mendaka. The private section contains a main house and four extra villas, with separate plunge pools. Nihiwatu is nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness,” because it`s located in remote Indonesia, west coast of Sumba. Chris Burch and James McBride have dedicated a section of the hotel`s profit to the Sumba Foundation, a group that supports local development.  Additional article to read here.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is renowned as the CEO and founder of Burch Creative capital. His entrepreneurial philosophies are evident through the firm`s investment. Burch applies creativity, imagination and support to the business. This enables the company to come up with deals and brands that have a positive and a direct impact on customer`s lives.

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Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur for more than 40 years. During this period, he participated in establishing and growing, over 50 companies. He has a good reputation of developing a creative impact in the business industry. Some of his brands include Poppin, Trademark, Cocoon9, Voss Water and Jawbone.  Read more about his diverse investments, check

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