Fabletics: Incredibly Unique Activewear

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In the past, the activewear segment was dominated by big brands like Nike, Adidas and so on. These brands had most of the market share, leaving little to no space for newer brands that wanted to get their place in the market. Customers would usually go to this kind of activewear stores only if they want to buy something that serves them with an excellent utility, and never for the fashion and the kind of clothing that they put out. Fabletics is an activewear brand that wanted to challenge this. Their idea was simple, come out with their lines of activewear which is fashionable and also provides an excellent utility. The brand knew their segment well owing to the incredible number of market researchers and studies that were conducted before the brand officially launched in the market. Fabletics believes that every woman should have the right to look fashionable and sexy while working out, and gives them the confidence boost that they need to get their fitness regime working.


The brand was founded in 2013 and launched their online site the same year. The brand was founded by Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, who also is the face of the brand. The company was established in collaboration with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who are both prominent names in the field of business. The three of them worked hard to put the company on the map and used their skillsets to the best of their potential to offer their customers some of the best and most fashionable clothing that one could ask for. The brand has tied up with other Hollywood celebrities like Demi Lovato to come out with a clothing line that is inspired by her and her style. The clothing line that the singer came out with features song lyrics from her latest album printed on the leggings and t-shirts that the brand sells.


The brand knows that to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition truly, they would have to implement things that no other brand in this sector has done in the past. The brand was one of the extremely few activewear brands that decided to implement a membership system for their customers to buy their clothing. According to this, people who wanted to buy clothing from Fabletics would have to sign up with the brand and choose a plan and pay for it. Thereon, they can choose the kind of clothing that they would like to receive and subsequently log on again every month to select the new set that they want to get from the new lines that Fabletics puts out. The company tries its best to stay updated with the fashion world to always provide their customers with fashion styles before anyone else gets their hands on it.


Fabletics only functions as an online store and knows that sometimes people are averse to shopping online and giving out their payment information. For this, the brand decided to set up stores that functioned as trial rooms which helped the customers see the kind of clothing that they would get online.

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