Little You Probably Didn’t Know About Chris Burch and His Successful Investment in Hospitality

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Professionally, success can be described as the act of achieving a set goal. However, from a personal point of view, it can be described as going beyond the target or in other words challenging the unexpected. Personally, I believe that if you went searching for the meaning of success in a dictionary, you would find the name Chris Burch in between the explanation. Chris’s life and career are certainly the real definitions of what success should sound.

In 2016, the successful entrepreneur grabbed the media attention with his luxury resort that was named as the best hotel across all the corners of the world. Chris Burch has over time been known to hold the keys to the fashion industry. Therefore, the report took many by surprise bearing in mind that the field was new to him. Chris Burch, together with James McBride had bought the property in 2012 for his children little did he know what waited ahead.  Additional article on

Nihi Resort, a five-star hotel is situated on the Island of Sumba and is today termed as ‘The Edge of Wilderness’ owing to the great experience in place. Chris and McBride had bought the property which was initially a hostel from a couple and renovated it into an unimaginable resort. The fact that it was voted the best by Travel + Leisure just a year after establishment is an assurance that the resort is way past the ordinary.

Nihiwatu Resort or today is known as Nihi, or the ‘Edge of the Wilderness’ has 27 villas, including one of Chris’s home which is usually open to the guests. Check this on  Each of the villas has a private pool with a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean. The resort also has entertainment sector put into consideration. From the beauty spa to large entertainment arenas, to surfing, to hiking, Chris believes that guests can never get enough of the resort.

Nihiwatu, ‘mortar stone’ is today among one of Burch’s successful venture. Today, the resort is bringing more than enough benefits to the people on the island. The resort has provided job opportunities to the Sumba people. Besides, Chris and his partner continue to give some of their profits to the Sumba Foundation, one of the support pillars to the Sumba people. To read more about the resort, click on

About Chris Burch

The name Chris Burch gained the world’s attention after his involvement with the hospitality industry. However, professionally, Chris has been in the business community for more than enough to understand how it runs. The respected business mogul is the founder and seating CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Through his company, Chris has been significantly involved in the establishment of businesses in the fashion, technology, as well as the hospitality.

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Although Chris today commands the business world, his past was not that smooth. Chris was not good in class work, but that did not hinder him from becoming the person that we know of today. Burch joined the business world while in high school when together with his brother they launched Eagle’s Eye, an apparel company. Since then, his motto has remained ‘moving forward’ ever, and he is today ranked among the smart billionaires across the world.  For update with his recent timeline activities, hit

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