Political Involvement of George Soros in 2016’s US Presidential Election

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George Soros is one of the popular billionaire finance titans of the United States. He is a New York resident with a Hungarian heart. He is 85 years of age but more financially active and aware than he had ever been before. George Soros made a number of noteworthy investments in the recent United States Presidential Elections of 2016.

On the year of 2016, 14th November and after the results of the American Presidency election were revealed, the journalist of Politico known to be Kenneth P. Vogel had published about George Soros joining other Liberal funders at a three day seminar in Washington. The seminar on Forbes was arranged to discuss the failure of the funded candidate in winning the presidential elections. The seminar was located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel within Washington. The central topic of the seminar was the defense strategies against Donald Trump’s victory in securing the upcoming Presidential position. With the full force action against Trump’s power from 2017, Soros and fellow donors aimed to make a difference for the citizens of America at this seminar.

Political Contributions for the 2016 U.S. Election by George Soros

The reporters at Politico believed that George Soros invested a sum of $25 million to endorse Hillary Clinton and her related election campaigns in 2016. His investments were observed to be catalysts in acquiring further funders for the Democratic Party. Several Liberal investors were driven to finance Hillary Clinton including Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner. Steyer is an exclusive San Francisco environmentalist who had donated $31 million for the elections. Sussman, the hedge funder had donated $13.2 million. Saban and Eychaner invested $11.1 million per person. Soros was a major part of a popular and humorous election advertisement on discoverthenetworks.org video of Clinton and her allies shown to construct a special machine to minimize Trump so that there are no conflicts for the States and the world. By June, Soros had supported Clinton by making a donation of $7 million to the Priorities USA Action. The records further display that $2 million had been contributed to American Bridge 21st Century. American Bridge 21st Century is an association that performs opposition investigations upon Republican Candidates like Trump. Soros issued more support to the Democratic Party committees through miscellaneous aids of $7 hundred-thousand. $5 million contributions were also made to Immigrant Voters Win, a tremendous PAC. This super PAC is dedicated to promoting Hispanic voting rights in several key states of USA. A commitment of $5 million was made to the Voting Rights Trust in order to contribute to a Presidential win for the Democrats. The Voters Rights Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes activities to defend the Conservative Party’s ideas of restricting voting to certain qualified individuals.

George Soros’ Response to 2016’s US Election Results

Trump’s victory on Politico which meant Clinton’s failure in the US Presidential Elections appeared to have disgruntled George Soros. In Vogel’s press release, it was mentioned that Soros appeared at the Washington conference punctually with a serious and determined outlook. Soros expressed concern over a strong possibility of devastating historical conflicts recurring again in the present time with Trump in power.

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